Welcome to the new version of my google doc for free avatars. You can search throught all files with the filter system. Either by tags, creator names, avatar names or dates they got added to the list.

MMD, VRM & PMX files are tricky ! You have to know how to use them, don’t annoy creators if you don’t have knowledge about them and still get the avis. They are not used much in the vrc community but they are still free models so I’m adding them here.

Server free avatars will require you to join the Discord Server of the creator, which I try to provide when possible, to get a code or to download the avi there. Free avatars either have the code directly on page or don’t need any. Nitro avatars requires you to boost the Discord server of the creator, so join and boost the ones you like. <3

Big thanks to JustSleigthly for telling me about this wonderful organizer and for helping me throughout this whole project. If you see any avatar I didn’t yet add or you have solid proofs of a person in this list being a bad person (Ripp, leak, steal….), you can DM me on Discord ; Kementh#7595

Also, please join VRC Collective for an actual good way of finding paid avis, other searching websites steal money out of the creators pockets. https://discord.gg/5EcYRkdBEq

UPDATE ! I don’t think much people will read this but I’ve been working on a better website option with an account system and favorites so you guys can keep in check which avis you’ve already gotten easier. However I really don’t have any money to spend on this, plus all my free time so if you feel genrous enough to help me out, you can donate ! All money given is gonna go toward upgrading VRCFree !


By JustSleightly